Entertainment forms a vital part of our lives, as it brings people together and help them divert their attention from the challenging lives into the world filled with amusement and leisure. To replicate the “cinema experience” provided by commercial theatres, Project Indywood, a US$10 billion project to be initiated by a consortium of 2000 Indian corporate and Multi-Millionaires, aims to bring entertainment in the comforts of your home.

Providing the best theatrical experience, Home theatre is a perfect escape into the make-believe world of fantasy with your family, making your fun moments memorable. Our team of experts have successfully developed Home theatre designs that have proved to the best in the industry.

Salient Features 

  • Handled by a team of professional experts who manage the best theatres and multiplexes in the country including Aries Plex’, South India’s first landmark multiplex incorporated with 4K twin projectors, DMAX 3D and 64 Channel Dolby ATMOS technology.
  • Projection techniques include 4K standards with absolutely no compromise in picture quality
  • Equipped with latest Sound technics including Dolby atmos that provide excellent theatrical experience
  • Recliners and seating facilities to provide unmatched comfort
  • Equipped with best lighting options including Streaming and other fancy lights
  • Comprehensive and advanced acoustics systems to ensure the best sound quality
  • Flooring and elevation for the best theatre experience
  • Air conditioning
  • Customised Screening options

Interwoven throughout aesthetically and acoustically, our Home theatre is an architectural marvel which can reincarnate our boring living rooms into something functional, new, and inspiring. a ‘New Dawn of Cinematic Revolution’, it is an ideal investment.

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