Indywood Film Carnival


What does it take for a film to enter a multi-million dollar club? A billion dollar vision!

As the canvas of films grows bigger in India, so does the need to expand beyond conventional borders and to tap the full spectrum of the domestic audience, Indian diaspora and the global film market.

Project Indywood, the USD 10 billion visionary project has been at the forefront of uniting all Indian regional film industries under one umbrella and connecting the industry with global stakeholders of cinema. By bridging the gap between the Indian and International film market, and opening new avenues for international trade and investments, Indywood will help promote Indian cinema globally, thereby benefitting its film industry, both financially and qualitatively.

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Indywood Film Carnival

Indywood Film Carnival is the flagship event of Project Indywood. The 4 th edition of this film festival and tech expo scheduled from December 1 – 5, 2018 shall be three times bigger than its predecessors.

The carnival is a representative platform for showcasing the entire gamut of cinema making, ranging from pre-production to skill development, production, technical support, post-production, distribution, marketing and release, among others.

To cater to the need for an end-to-end life cycle solution envisioned by Project Indywood, the Indywood Film Carnival acts as a confluence for different stakeholders to network and create meaningful collaborations. This is made possible through four well planned verticals; each of them a mammoth undertaking held in parallel to each other, at the same venue.

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All Lights India International Film Festival, is a premier showcase of 250 movies from 80+ countries. One of India’s most respected film festivals, ALIIFF screens movies that have won coveted awards around the world, including at Cannes and Oscars.

Indywood Film Market(IFM)

Indywood Film Market is a prestigious business expo where serious business deals are forged between technology developers, investors, film makers and crucial industry stakeholders. One of India’s most attended film expos, IFM covers all technical aspects concerned with film making.

Indywood Talent Hunt (ITH)

Indywood Talent Hunt is a credible launch-pad for many a talent in creative domains such as music, dance, choreography, modeling, acting and direction among others. One of India’s most successful talent discovery platforms, ITH connects different Indian film industries with potential talents across the country.

Indywood Excellence Awards

Indywood Excellence Awards is a prestigious award function that honors top performing leaders across the business, film and entertainment industry. One of India’s most coveted business awards function, IEA strives to recognize influencers who have contributed to Indian cinema's global persona.

About the Fourth Edition

After the overwhelming response received by the carnival in Kochi (15 – 19 November 2015), and Hyderabad (24 – 27 September 2016) and (1 – 4 December, 2017), Indywood Film Carnival shall return with its fourth edition from December 1 – 5, 2018. The event will be three times bigger than its predecessors in all aspects.

The 5 day carnival will comprise showcase 200 movies from 100 countries, draw 300 exhibitors, 5000 trade delegates, 500+ potential investors, 5000+ Indywood Talent Hunt finalists, and over 500 international dealmakers. The conference sessions will include Media Interactions, Conferences & Panel Discussions, Workshops & Seminars, Film Business Quiz, Golden Frame Awards, Excellence Awards, Red Carpet & Networking Events, Product & Project Launches, Film Tourism and Investors Meet.

Special country and regional pavilions shall also add global appeal of the event. A variety of entertainment programmes set amidst the company of national and international film makers, celebrity guests, social influencers, industry leaders and government decision makers will bring in the much needed charisma to one of the most anticipated events of the Indian film industry.