Tentative list of Award Categories for Indywood Music Awards- National chapter

Published on 03-10-2017

Indywood Music Award Categories List


Industry wise- Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telegu)

  • Best Song of the year
  • Best Music Album of the Year
  • Best Independent Music of the year
  • Best Music Band


Sub Categories of awards to be involved

  • Best Lyrics
  • Best Playback Singer
  • Best Mixing & Mastering
  • Best Music Programmer
  • Best Recording Engineer
  • Best SFX


Other set of awards

  • Best Music Label (If we move through producer, it’s easy to reach the label & other sub categories mentioned above)
  • Best Artist Coordinator (Prefer my south)


Special Awards

  • Life Time Achievement Awards - 2
  • Best Trending Artist
  • Best Music Channel



  • Equipments
  • Softwares
  • Technology
  • Instruments



  • Application Platforms (Subscription, Ad support, Download categories)
  • Radio
  • Music Academy


Panel discussion & conferences

  • Bring Phonographic segments like IPRS, SIMCA, PPL
  • Music Therapy