Published on 23-05-2017

Indywood TV Launched @ Cannes

Indywood TV, an exclusive independent web channel dedicated to coverage of films and film festivals across the world was launched at the Cannes Film Festival by renowned celebrities from Indo-French Film Industries. Indywood TV is the only Indian channel to have got Red Carpet entry in Cannes Festival.. Initiated by All Lights Film Magazine and All Lights Film Society, the channel marked its presence this year at the 70th Festival de Cannes as an accredited audio visual media. Indywood TV is positioned as a 24/7 entertainment channel in English language with special focus on movie centric programs and shows. Indywood TV will be the only project oriented channel in India which exclusively covers all areas in film industry in a single platform with a vision of integrating the whole Indian Film Industry. There will be celebrity interviews, gossip, buzz worthy trailers and coverage of film festivals. Also every Indian film lover across the globe will be able to see the daily happenings behind every movie from various languages on a daily basis. The channel also has an active policy to encourage youngsters to showcase their talent,


Festival de Cannes is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world scheduled from 17 to 28 May. The festival celebrates its eternal passion for cinema by attracting distinguished industry professionals from all corners of the world. As an annual meeting place for industry professionals to interact, collaborate and work, Festival de Cannes attracts over 40000 visitors from over 60 countries, representatives from over 135 countries and grants 36477 event accreditations to over 4400 journalists.