Arsenal takes ‘Walk of Fame’ to Canada

Jesse Thomas’ ‘Walk of Fame’ is one of the most anticipated projects of the year. The movie stars stars Scott Eastwood in the lead role, and the supporting star cast includes renowned names like, Malcolm McDowell, Chris Kattan and Laura Ashley . The recent news from the corner is regarding the bagging of world sales rights of this movie.

‘Arsenal’, Yarek Danielak’s Los Angeles-based distribution and production house has acquired world sales rights of this upcoming romantic comedy movie. The movie will showcase the story of a rare romance among Hollywood performers under the cosh of a volatile acting coach.

Yarek Danielak after acquiring ‘Walk of Fame’ told that he is quite excited to work with the ‘Walk of Fame’ team. He also made it clear that Scott Eastwood’s recent success in movies like ‘The Longest Ride’ will increase the overall output of the film.

Scott Eastwood’s upcoming movies are, ‘Snowden’ and ‘Suicide Squad’.


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