With the launch of Movie Sales, an initiative by the All Lights Film Services, the international film makers can now promote their movies in the Global Markets.The initiative will not only allow the film makers to sell their movie rights in a more customized format, but will also ensure that they receive a comparatively higher amount.

Currently, Film Makers seek the help of a professional sales agent in order to sell their movies in Global Markets.

Services in the Premium Package :

* Publicity campaign releases on Social media
* Online Media Campaign
* Social Media Management for the movie
* Wikipedia creation and updation for movie
* Print Media Campaign
* Lineup listing in movie sales platforms
* Social Media Marketing
* IMDB for Movie
* Individual Marketing Among the Buyers
* Email, Newsletter Campaigns to Industry Database
* Hype generation Campaigns for Online – Offline publicity
* Presenting movie to the buyers and communication with Buyers
* Lead generations, deals and sales from international territories
* Presentation of movie at any International market for presenting it to Buyers